Why cant I export what I have panned left or right?


I am operating with cubase le ai elements 8 and I have recorded 8 tracks, some of which are panned left or right. When I go to export my tracks, the panned bits are lost. It does export them, but the sound that was supposed to be left or right is all centered.

Ive read that Cubase 8 dosent have the “batch export” option that all the other versions do- not sure if that makes a diference.

And no, its not my head phones or my speakers.

Ive tried everything I know to do… please help.

Hi there,
Are you using the Steinberg Stereo Enhancer Plugin?

I found this defeated the panning in my mixes, so removed it from the process chain and normal stereo output returned.

Make sure that the ‘Mono Downmix’ box is not checked in the ‘Export Audio Mixown’ window.