Why cant i get an answer from Steinberg?

You know letting people know if their requests are at least acknowledged could be nice !!! And you know what we say about happy customers??? They stay loyal

If you just believe they do not need answers (etc) well you know exactly that some pepole will go see if the sea is clearer on another beach … so i believe taking care of people that has paid your stuffs is necessary, not just take the money and then wait for the things YOU think are important…

“Bounce to track” function is one of the thing i’ve heard people asking for years now !!! That’s very very useful function and now we gotta take a lot of steps to achieve it (exporting page options to change for that, then rechange them for full export etc = pain in the ass)
So at least tell the people if you are going to work on it, or never … People paying 600 euros to your software should have the right to know if you’re listening to them or really not…

I’ll tell you honestly, for the moment i do believe that Steinberg doesn’t give a fuck (i hope i’m wrong)… I really do believe that “bounce to track” is an easy-to-insert type otpion (same for the note retrigger in sync for GAse4)

PLZ TRY TO BE CLOSER TO CUSTOMERS !!! Cause i’ve seen some free-softs having more interactions between makers and users … you’re softs are not free guys, we pay the product (for sure) but we pay for a company too, we pay to get updates, customer service etc etc
Don’t you agree?

I knew it, it`s “Q” from the james bond films

Hello NoMad92,

there are indeed updates coming out on a regular basis and Customer Support. I’d like to remind that the Forum is a user-to-user help resource, although we try to pop up whenever possible.
As a tech-guy, I’m sorry to say that my job is support and support only - therefore not indicated to discuss anything else.

But be sure there are several things being worked on and that there is people listening.


Cool, I hope, cause I really like cubase since Atari…
I wanna be loyal, but sometimes we need to know if the firm has acknowledged our requests (I mean serious ones, not “I want some more themes” things lol)

By the way, talking bout colors, one little detail is not clear, it’s on inserts, pre fader and post fader have the same color (only the place of it determine pre or post)… It’s a bit confusing at 1st…
After many years, I just understood it (I can be slow and dumb lol)…

On sends, pre and post faders doesn’t share same color, could it be done to inserts, so it’s more visually?

THX Fabio

That’s good to hear, but even better to show money is put where the mouth is…

Though I don’t need a lot of help anymore myself, and not needing much more than the basics… I have to think Steinberg could well afford to make much more of a presence still, even on what is considered a ‘user to user’ forum. Many posters with questions never get an answer from fellow users…even very basic simple questions.

For the price of Cubase, I think users of all versions, new & legacy deserve that. I am pleased that there is at least a forum available for legacy users of past versions. though there’s not a whole lot of activity in the way of ‘responses’ to the number of posts. I don’t believe in sweeping legacy users under the rug, just because it may have been some years back that they paid $600. I run a business myself…at any time someone calls me with a problem, though I may not make a house call for free several years later if something fails, I owe them the time to at least give phone/email/text support. If the business get’s too big where that is not feasible, it needs to be made so IMO.



I understand it can be confusing, especially in the Inspector and in the “Edit Channel Settings” panel, as there is no dividing line like in the MixConsole.
I will let the proper people know, in case it has not been requested by the beta testers already.


Hello SYNC,

having a massive presence on the Forum would not allow us to give proper support via e-mail, phone and remote.
We try to also help legacy users.

As for the rest, I made clear I have a specific duty, I don’t think I’m the proper person to respond.


Thx Fabio, have a nice day

It’s a phenomenon that this subject is brought up when there has not been an update for a while, even though over the past few years the pattern of updates is not much changed.

The participation of Steinberg employees is a double edged sword for them- if they had never participated at all no one would complain that they didn’t participate enough, and wherever the bar is set according to what we see here on the forum there are compaints that it must be better. Also, take note of the fact that they sometimes reply on their own time, outside of work.

My observation is that over the past year and a half there as been more participation on their part. The US support team has been regularly replying to posts, where previously it was fairly rare to see them. And Fabio posts very frequently, and is quite responsive with the users here, e.g., in this very thread.

But, that’s the internet, the world’s complaint department. :wink:

Ditto on the “cheers” to Fab… & Steve :ugeek:

Ciao Fabio, sb

There are many people that are “just” doing their jobs… They dont think about anything else, or go the “extra mile” to do things that their “job” or contract does not cover…
An exxagerated example would be: a soldier killing people, just doing their jobs… Caught up in some silly manipulation game… Not knowing that doing harm to others is not in human nature. When instructed to blow up an orphan home, the soldier says no, thus saving lots of innocent kids and not “just doing their jobs”… The “just doing my job” has been an excuse since jobs existed, and, is not always the best way of handling things.
I know, this was a terrible example… But i think u get my point…
Why am I writing all of this? I dont know… Maybe its because i am very passionate about the music and my choice of daw… I see so much potential in cubase , and , being the person i am, i wish for it and all only the best. I try to make things better for us all. In regards to cubase- a lot of my “inspired” requests and wishes were made to simply make things better. Small, or sometimes big things that would only benefit all. My critcism posts? same deal. I also apologize if you have ever thought to be insulted in anyway. I assure you that this was not my intention.
I have given you my ideas in previous posts. What you do with them is up to you. I will work with what ive got and hope for the best. I am extremely thankful for everything sofar. So again, Thank you for all you do.
I will not rant on or critisize you (sb) anymore (i hope i have myself under control…lol) I hope that you also only wish the best for steinberg. I think we all do what good we can in life- no matter where or what.
Im still half asleep and might finish this post later.
As for now, have a wonderful day.
end ranting

This is going well past the topic, but still…

No offence taken and no need to apologise.
I consider feedback from the users to be very important, so keep it up.

As per going the “extra mile”, I guess you refer to what I said about duties. If so, in every company there are duties for each employee and department. It is matter of correctness and respect for the other colleagues to stick to mine. Just that. But I like what I do here and take pride in saying that I ran the “extra mile” a few times :wink:

Have a good one yourself!

True dat…as an independent service person, each of us have our specific trades. The warranty companies that hire us don’t really want us going ‘too far’ outside those duties. But are sometimes very happy when we have taken care of an issue, eliminating the need for another trade technician. Obviously, there are liabilities in over extending your duties, concerning capability, expertise, not to mention licensing for what each do. Though in the trades we have ‘incidentals’.

How the above applies to Steinberg, I guess the liability is far, far less…but more so stepping on toes, or just giving ill informed information to it’s users maybe…? So with that, the ‘official help base’ should be appropriately staffed to accommodate it’s user base.