Why cant i get an answer from Steinberg?

We pay big money to get a software…it’s a cool software, but…

I have demands (simple ones, really) but i never get answered…so where to ask things for next updates to Steinberg???

first thing would be the obvious “bounce in place” real function (a lot of ppl are asking that too !!!)

second one is in GrooveAgent4, why no "tempo sync note repeat/retrigger)?

(i’ve placed those subject in different parts of the forum … i asked them on twitter… NEVER GET ANY ANSWERS, and thats annoying when u pay big money with no customer services … dont make us think that you are more after money than satisfied customers !!!)

PLS Steinberg, try to at least answer ppl, telling them “yeah in a next update” or even “no we won’t do it, it’s lame request” BUT 1 answer !!!

A starting to be fed up with you customer !!!

what do you mean by “bounce in place” i know what bounce is but describe what you mean.same with your G4 question describe more please.
in regards to your question maybe if they answer you then they would be swamped down with everybody asking them questions. they could private message you i suppose .or maybe they feel your request is not that important or they may think that’s a good idea we will use that in future and not tell you lol :mrgreen:

“bounce in place” is in every other DAW (well almost) … i mean i’m playin a retrologue lead, but i want to manipulate the sound with an audio track not only midi track…so bounce in place is: selecting an event, and automatically bounce it to wav and incorporate it into the project exact same place than the midi event…

for GAse4…i need a retrigger function in sync … do u know the battery 3 plugin from N.I. ? well there is a “note retrigger” function for each pads, where u press the pad and it plays the sample every 1/16 1/32 1/4 1/8…so u can play with hihats to find some idea with same hihat sample on say 4 pads, 1 pad on 1/8 1 pad on 1/16…1/16T and 1/32
so u can switch pads to get some idea of hihats pattern (works well with snare rolls too )

i hope u understood me (sorry not english)

by the way, if steinberg would answer to customers…they maybe would be swamped by questions, but it would tell customers that they listen to them, etc etc … so it’s good for them
cause u can get the best app, but if u dont listen to ur customers they will check ur competitors (like Bitwig…i bought cubase juste before its release, maybe i would have invest in bitwig instead of cubase if i knew)

i think they will probably read your post but not necessarily answer ,maybe they should incorporate into the forum a marker on to posts to acknowledge that a mod has seen your post if it requests an answer from one ,maybe a thumbs up or thumbs down system,lol.a bit of humour , i dunno. i understand your ideas kind of,and i suppose they are valid ,me myself i do not use midi so much, i am more of a record live instrument type of user. but appreciate when someone feels an addition could benefit all users . i don`t think steinberg will copy all ideas as long as they are piping other daws to the post in overall useability ,maybe some functions are copyrighted .

I don’t blame them for not getting into discussions about feature requests etc…
It is a competitive environment out there and they surely don’t want to let the competition know what they are working on. Plus, if they say anything about implementing a new feature request, invariably there will be follow on questions, requests, and complaints (yes, people will complain before the feature even comes out!). Then, do they need to respond to those as well? Where does it end? I think I would do the same thing. I would have my staff parse the requests for ideas but not respond to anything.

I agree!
For the copyright thing, I don’t think bounce in place, or note retrigger have any. It’s “simple” functions

i think you may have to check that.all ideas belong to someone.

I think I will drink some water (since I don’t want to die yet).
Who do I need to pay for coming up with that copyrighted idea?
Just kidding! I know, I am being ridiculous!
The copyright discussion makes a good point that, if they start acknowledging requests, someone with surely sue them and say that Steinberg stole their idea…


that was actually my idea you`ll be hearing from my solicitor in the morning ,or we can settle right now via paypal

I gave you a thumbs up. Can we call it even? :laughing:

that was my idea ,shit should `ve copyrighted that one

lol guys … i started the subject so i want my share in the sueing bizness !!!

I think Steinberg got more rights than others on midi stuffs (were they the first for that? or only for VST?)
I think that a note repeat mode cant have no copyright…cause it’s only a “repeat mode” with sync (1/4, 1/8 etc)
And I think that “bounce in place”, same has before, being only “putting to wav a portion and immediatly inserting it in the project at exact same place/volume/etc” can’t have no owning rights…

I understand that they may not answer every body, or listen to everything…they could, like POLGARA said, just showin that they’ve seen requests…
And when a loooooooot of people are requesting in one (like that bounce in place), they could say “ok guyz we heard you, gonna work for a new update” … so, first, people buying product can say “nice they listen to us”, plus we could say “ok they will do it, so i ca nwait a bit to have that”

And mostly they could hire (i would like to lol) someone to be only the “social network” guy, who filter requests for programmers…and who could filter technical questions to be answered by pros.

Like one big question that google cant answer (a lot of sites R sayin “yes” other “no”) … i would like to know the exacvt benefit to be in 32bit floating instead of 24 … is it really a little cpu saver cause cubase is 32bit native? is it useless and taking some space for no real advantages etc etc (like i said a lot of threads but no real answer) … they make the program so who better than them to answer deep technical questions?

ps: i really like the forum for all the exchan,ge between users (sometimes with the steinberg guys too)
i dont blame steinberg so much, i still like Cubase by far, i’m just disappointed !!!

Why cant i get an answer from Steinberg?

Generally, they spend much more time on policing the forums for what is considered to be politically incorrect & inappropriate than they do actually offering assistance. You say something ‘wrong’ and they’re on it like a fly on a fresh wet turd, you ask for help, and they’ve got something better to do. I’ve seen racy posts deleted within 5 minutes, while some questions go unanswered for weeks.

Actually, you should post in italian or spanish, then mods pop up from who knows where and answer them instantly…
Or, ask a pre-sale question:p


Steve, mah friend, I’m sure this post is not about you:p

Rather, i believe, it is about the active help/participation (or lack thereof) by the paid employees in these forums.
Sometimes I have the feeling that certain mods post and help more in third-party forums like GS or wherever.
One might get the feeling that they do not know anything about Cubase or, they do not care to help the userbase , even if it is only for 2 minutes everyday.
Sync is correct. There is more policing than help.
Thus, I can sympathize with users who are ,respectivly, experiencing some frustration in this matter.

Anyway, im not complaining, just observing :slight_smile:


I concur with ggc …and I too have been ‘observing’ for a long time, as well as have done extensive social experimenting in these matters :ugeek:

I also see Steve(I.C.) coming to the aid of many :slight_smile:


But feel free to check out my entire post history :wink:

Regarding the subject of the thread: I’m very sorry, but it is simply not possible for us to state which features are being planned, implemented and so on. The Features Request Forum (the place where to ask for new features, of course) is indeed monitored and often beta testers report to developers directly.