Why cant I get the metronome to click in 8.5

I go to the transport control and click on metronome/click button and activate it. Nothing.

So then I go to the metronome setup and click activate midi click and choose my midisport for the midi port channel. The note they have is C3 and the velocity is up. I also have Activate Audio click and have beeps selected. I also have use click for in record, and play.

Still nothing. This really sucks;

Weird. Did you just update? Are you using ‘Conrol Room’? May be time to trash your prefs if not a simple setting…

If you have opened Cubase without your audio interface being turned on, Cubase will try to use any audio interface available. That changes the click assignment in vst-connections (F4). When you later start it up with the audio-interface on, then the click assignment is not remembered and you will have to go back to (F4) to Assign it again.
That is the most common problem with missing click I have had/seen.

And you do have which device connected to your midisport?

Certainly you haven´t activated click for the desired audio output busses, have you?

I recently downloaded MetroGnome, a VSTi by TobyBear Productions. I actually needed it to render a click track and that can’t be done with the built-in Cubase. Anyway, just suggesting that if you can’t get your built-in metronome to work then this could be an alternative for you.


I have my Yamaha keyboard and my Mackie controllers and Expanders on the midisport. But the keyboard is under midi 1.

Activate click for the desired audio output busses? What do you mean by that? Wish I could put a screen shot of my setup on the screen?

With control room activated, it is done in control room. Without control room activated, it is done in VST connections

Thank you so much, I always have the Control Room on, and now I can get the metronome to work. :smiley: