Why can't I Playback Chord Pads with my MIDI Keyboard


I am following this to


But I cannot get it work. I can play the VST instrument with my keyboard controller, but the C1-B1 on the keyboard controller do not play the chords. I can click on chord pad with mouse only to get the played!

Just to mention that the MIDI learns in Chord pad setup do not work as well. For instance I cannot set the range using my MIDI keyboard!

What am I doing wrong please?


Strangely, the Chord pad recognize my CMC-PD and plays the chords in the chord pad, however, I cannot do the same thing using my PSR-A3000. I have turned off the local control on it.

Please see the attached gif

. both devices are sending on the same channel same notes ON and OFF messages CMC-PD send also SysEX that I don’t think it matters.’

Please help!