Why can't I Preview a plugin?

Hi, alright I need an answer and, in truth, I am still running C5, the latest download. It seems most of the answer men hang here in C6…

So my session is open, 16 tracks. I click on a track, open my plugin of choice, and, as I try to ‘Preview’ it, there is no sound. The only way I can hear the plugin is to load it as a channel insert. So what have I done to create this situation? I will add that that same thng happens with the Media Bay program - no Preview - and also when I go to import a song from CD or from my HD into the session onto a track - no Preview. (And yes, if I complete the process or complete the import, the audio results are audible and correct.)

I do know that all of this worked like it should about 2 C5 downloads ago… And you’ll forgive me but I was in the process of upgrading my interface and was willing to work around all of this. But now I have the new interface and I would like this all to be ‘NORMAL’ again.

Did I turn some feature off? Or did one of my downloads just set me up for this? Do I need a clean install to fix things? BTW, the click track feature works as it should, always has, if that has anything to do with anything. This is driving me mad. Thank you for any help!

Just a guess here…
In the manual there is a Control Room setting called Use headphones channel for Preview.
Are you using the Control Room feature?

J.L., you made my day!! That was the problem. I had ‘opened’ the Studio Control Room, but not chosen an output for it.

Thank you!! :smiley:

Just a comment about this? I now have an interface that has multiple outputs so it’s feasible that I can use the Control Room features. This said, it is much easier and also produces less latency to just use the interface /mixer as an analog device, especially for monitoring. All of which leaves me to say that the idea of the Control Room appeals, but who can actually use it to real advantage?

I am running with the Mackie 1640i unit and it is very fine without the Control Room feature. In fact, the ‘fix’ here was to disable the Control Room feature.

Anyway, thank you J.L.!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Glad I could help out. I have never used the Control Room but it seems like its advantage would be if you needed to have multiple sets of monitors (in different rooms) that you could set to hear different mixes.

Thanks so much for this answer. Seven years old and still useful