Why can't I quit Nuendo completely?

I can’t use task manager in Window XP to shut down Nuendo. When I do so, it disappears from the “applications” tab, but it’s still running in the “processes” tab! Sometimes it quits after a few minutes, sometimes it just doesn’t.

I have to reboot the system in order to force Nuendo to quit, which is a real time-waster. It’s been a problem for a long time - not just with Nuendo 5, but also Nuendo 3.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Windows XP Pro, SP 3, Dual Core Opteron

most likely a hardware driver issue - could be MIDI interface, Audio card, etc…

OR the rewire driver.

Never used ReWire or Reason - would it be useful to try to uninstall it?

It should not be problematic.

Does it happen all time?

No, it doesn’t!