Why can't I record my keyboard with Steinberg UR22mkII?

Could you pls help me?

I’ve just bought the Steinberg UR22mkII to use with my arranger keyboard Yamaha A-2000.

I have tested the device and could record my voice using a microphone. However, I have two problems.

First, when I use my keyboard as a Midi controller, there is no Midi signal to record. I use a dual midi cable (5-pin dual to 5-pin dual midi) to connect my keyboard to the Steinberg. But when I clicked record in my Reaper DAW, there is no signal.

Secondly, I also use the TRS instrument cable to connect my arranger keyboard (output) to the Steinberg (mic/line). My aim was to record the sounds of my arranger keyboard into the computer. But again, although there is sound from my keyboard, there is nothing to record.

Pls see my pictures.

Could you pls advise?

Thank you

Make sure that you armed your audio/midi track for recording and monitoring
Make sure that you assighned in your DAW audio input and output channels properly
Also look at your synth preferences, to turn the function “local” to off.
Hope this helps.