Why can't I record with Reverb?

Hi guys,

your help please.

I have a situation that has totally baffled me. I have recently upgraded to Cubase 10.5 from C10 and not sure if it is that but…

I have a new music PC and have spent some time building and tweaking a template. :ugeek: Today I did some recording of my guitar which has effects from my pedals which went okay. I’m using a Steinberg UR-RT4 audio interface.

For track two, I decided to add another guitar with the built effects from Cubase. This is where I noticed the problem. I stripped away my template to the very basics but it has made no difference. :blush:

I have the following:

  • Mono Audio Track - Guitar input

  • Mono FX Track REVelation - Guitar reverb

  • Stereo Out - Guitar output

Couldn’t be much simpler! Once I recorded a few bars I can play it back through the chain and everything works…
I get guitar with reverb! Great! :sunglasses:

However, I wanted to record guitar and REVelation together. I get audio only through the audio track and NOT with the FX track (the reverb) and consequently, nothing going through the stereo Out! :confused:
How come? I can get guitar signal but without reverb.

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for reading

I’ve just sussed it! :blush: :unamused: :sunglasses:

I had Direct monitoring enabled.

For anyone who has the same problem now or in the future…
Turn off Direct Monitoring and all will be as it was. This held me up for a number of very frustrating hours today… I turned on direct monitoring weeks ago and forgot about it. :blush:

OK. Help. Where is this direct monitor button? I’ve got a UR22 and Cubase 10.5

In your case it is straight on the frontplate of your interface and it is called „mix“. More info about it should be in your interface ˋs manual.