Why can't I see the USB sound card?

I have an integrated sound card (Realtek high defenition) and a USB sound card (Focusrite iTrack Solo).
Why can’t I see the USB sound card in the Audio Connections menu?
I’ve restarted both program and computer, and changed the standard unit in Windows.
Cubase 9.5 Pro.

You are looking in the wrong place. Open Devices Setup (Cubase 9.5 - In Cubase 10 and higher it’s called Studio Setup) to select the audio device, and please, refer the operation manual. For starting out it might be a good way to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

Yes, obviously. It might also be so that Cubase is an illogical program.

Thank you!

Of course I looked in the manual, but as you already guessed, I looked in the wrong place.

No it would not, to be frank. The manual is totally crap and contains no help, it is completely worthless. This entire forum is proof that the manual doesn’t cut it. For example -“Audio Device - Shows the selected ASIO driver.” No shit, Sherlock. But how do I select another driver?! Another example “Add Bus - Opens the Add Input Bus dialog, where you can create a new bus configuration.” No shit, Sherlock. But what is a bus and how do I use them?! Want more examples? Read the manual, it’s full of them.

In all fairness to the manual authors, There is a section called, Selecting an Audio Driver
I wouldn’t say that Cubase is an illogical program, or that the manual is total crap. Sounds like that’s frustration talking, which I can understand.

Ok thank you!
Nothings complicated or illogical when you know it. I doubt that this is the first time the program is accused of being illogical. As a new user, coming from another program, it’s very frustrating to not find what you’re looking for neither in the program or the manual, especially after a few different issues. The switch has not been smooth.