Why can't I sidechain 2 X multiband compressors on one track?

I have a guitar track a bongo track and a vocal and I want to duck certain fundamental frequencies from the acoustic guitar when

a) the bongo is playing
b) when the vocal is playing

to do this, I set up one multiband compressor on the acoustic guitar track and send from the bongo but when I try and open up another instance of the compressor to send to it from the vocal, it doesn;t work. It is like I am only allowed one per channel. Is this the case?

17 people view this and not one new what I was talking about? Anyone?

seriously, the help on this forum is shocking. I will consider another DAW in the future, one that actually has an active community

Probably because most haven’t noticed this issue and weren’t at Cubase to check. I do similar but use Dynamic EQ sidechained. Only time I’ve noticed restrictions is when the routing is wrong.

Dude, you posted in a forum for two full versions back from the current product and then you wonder why there isn’t an “active community” to answer your question?
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Oh Cmon. You can’t be serious. Cubase 8 is not that old. I don’t have the money to upgrade to a new version. Should I now not be able to ask questions here? Also, this could apply to newer versions of cubase too.

Dynamic EQ in cubase 8? :astonished: am I missing something?

Yeah, you are talking out loud in a nearly empty room and then seem surprised no one is responding to you.

Yes… It’s amazing. No… It’s not in 8 or 10. I use Neuron 3 EQ and Fab Filter pro Q.

empty except for people who make useless comments instead of helping… it seems those are never too old for Cubase 8. You could have helped me and answered the OP. IT is a legitimate question isnt it? I am actually shocked that nobody has even asked about this and that all I have is someone telling me Cubase 8 is too old. :astonished:

It’s more that the community is helpful… but no one in the community is still using 8 to help out. No one can check this for you. I don’t recall the limitation you are experiencing, it doesn’t sound right at all. You must have a routing error or the version # you’re using might be one that had a Sidechain bug, the Sidechain button disappearing. I vaguely remember something like that happening many years ago.

8 isn’t just 2 generations old, it’s 4, Cubase do big releases in .5 increments, every year. I strongly support upgrading. If not every year, every other year. You get to save a bit more cash every other year. if you leave it longer you get left behind. When you finally do upgrade, so many new features will go unnoticed, the learning curve is higher, a lot more changes to absorb.