Why can't I use Lock to Duration with percussion staves?

I’m notating a conga part and want to change everything from a “Normal” note to a “Bass tone”. I can’t see any way to simply copy and paste the rhythm to a new playing technique, and when I try to use Lock to Duration to go through and change every note manually by switching to Bass tone and pressing the MIDI Keyboard key a bunch of times, Lock to Duration doesn’t activate for this staff. Anything I’m missing here?

I think you should be able to use alt-shift-up/down to “repitch” the notes onto a different playing technique.

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Alt+Shift+Arrows did the trick thanks! I am still wondering about Lock to Duration though, in instances where I’d like to split an already-notated rhythm into multiple playing techniques or percussion instrument within a single kit.

If I remember correctly there are internal technical reasons that make it more tricky to implement Lock to Duration for percussion than you would expect - Lock to Duration on pitched staves works within a single voice, but with percussion the different “pitches” are really different voices so we can’t easily use the same machinery.