Why can't you MIDI target a plugin on a VST/Inst Track?

Ok, this is really a Cubase 5 observation, but I expect the same is true in 6… consider this a question as to whether this has changed in 6, I guess, since my copy of 6 should be shipping tomorrow :wink:

I just realized that you can’t assign MIDI to a VST plug on the output of a VSTi instrument, whether it’s a VSTi output channel in the mixer or an instrument track. This seems odd. I discovered this while trying the Stutter Edit demo from Izotope.

Of course, the workaround is to create a group track and put Stutter Edit on it and route the VSTi output channel to that group track. But it seems like a pointless extra track to work around a limitation that doesn’t seem to be necessary.

Steinberg: can you comment

Of course, the automation must come from the input section, not the output.

I’m not following you.


You were saying you could not apply midi to a VST output.

I’m saying I can’t apply MIDI to a VST effect on a VSTi output channel. Many VST effects take midi as a way of automating them. In this case, the effect is stutter edit.

It’s one of the drawbacks to the routing choices that went into Instrument tracks. One of the many reasons not to use them.

Not true, It also doesn’t work on VSTi output tracks.

I don’t use instrument tracks for Omnisphere because it is 8-part multitimberal. So instead I put it in the VST instrument rack have 8 MIDI tracks and activate all 8 outputs.

I wanted to use Stutter Edit to apply effects to Omnisphere Out A. So I put Stutter Edit on the insert of that output. Then I added a new MIDI track (unrelated to the MIDI track that provides the notes to Omnisphere, this one is just for Stutter Edit). I went to set the target of that new MIDI track to Stutter Edit and it wasn’t available.

Now, if you put Stutter Edit on a regular audio track or a group track this works just fine. It appears along with every other MIDI-targetable VST effect and VSTi in the project. Just not on VSTi outputs OR instrument tracks. Both are disabled for for reasons I find unfathomable.

I apologize, I didn’t understand what you were saying.

No wories :wink:

Still looking for the answer to the original question… this should work but it doesn’t.

Oh fudge.

I’m going to completely eat my words on this. I have no idea why it didn’t work yesterday when I tried it, but today I loaded up Stutter Edit as an insert on Stylus RMX Out A and it showed up as a targetable effect for my MIDI track. So…

…never mind I guess :wink: