Why comes the sound only through one side of my headphone?

I just wanted to record an idea, before it’s vanished and now Im completly annoyed because of the f… cubase sound system. Sometimes it works sometimes it don’t!
Why comes the sound only through one side of my headphone? Im using a Behringer UMC 404HD, ASIO 4 All and Generic ASIO Driver. The Mixer shows stereo, everything is stereo but on my headphones is sound only left.
Why is this so complicated?


I expect you are talking about the audio signal, no MIDI/Instruments, right?

Most probably, this has nothing to do with Cubase, especially, if…

Double-check the Audio Connections > Outputs. Do you use Stereo Out? Is it connected to out 1 & 2?

Do you use headphones with a jack 3.5 to jack 6.3 reduction? If yes, the reduction is probably connected so, it sends the signal only to the left. Then the solution is to use the proper reduction.

Also verify you are getting sound on both sides from another sound source like a stereo or TV etc to rule out a bad cable in your headphones.

Thank you. Got it. The audio connections were wrong. I dont know why I didn’t saw it. Maybe it was the anger. Sometimes I need to switch from headphones to speakers and from ASIO4ALL to UMC ASIO Driver. something got mixed up then.

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