Why cubase 32 bit saving 64 bit


i just made a project using reason

both aps running rewired in 32 bit

now when i saved the files

the reason file stayed at 32 bit

but the cubase file has changed to 64 bit

and will no longer run rewire with reason saved file

anyone know why this would be ??



I’m guessing you have installed both 32bit and 64bit versions of Cubase and your problem is that your Cubase project opens in Cubase 64bit by default. Is it so? If I’m right then you should simply start Cubase 32bit at first and then open your project from Cubase (and not from Windows Explorer).



that worked thanks

i do have habit of opening stuff from explorer

i 'll have to stop that


Right click on the Cubase Project file in Explorer.
Chose “Open with …”
Last item on the popup list is “Chose default program …”
In the dialog after that be sure to check “Always use this program to open this kind of file”
Then select Cubase 32 and hit Enter.
Now it should work? :wink:

I set the default app for .cpr to be Notepad because I was fed up with opening in the wrong app! Now if I accidentally open in explorer I just get gobbledegook text in about 10 seconds - I can say ‘doh’ or words to that effect and open the correct Cubase app, drag and drop. And Notepad’s much quicker than waiting for a large project to initialise and then having to close down again :wink: