why Cubase 7

I have been using Cubase since 2001, from Cubase 3 to now using Cubase 6.

I have the opportunity to purchase Cubase 7… can anyone please give me the reason to upgrade?


The Channel Strip

The Channel Strip could be great, but if you rely solely on third party plugins, it’s totally useless. But then, if you have tons of plugins, the search function would be very handy. Overall, the mixer is better and especially will be after 18. day when the new update should bring the missing key commands to it. VST bridge seems to be better so more chances to run older plugins in 64bit mode without e.g. jBridger. ASIO Guard may turn to be quite a good feature, I don’t know yet because my current project isn’t megasized yet.

No comment… Lol

do you need the new features ?

  1. 7>6
    2.The upgrade to Cubase 8 will cost a bit less for you.
    3.You can get a small portion of adrenaline, waiting for new patch release, that will fix new bugs.
    4.You can share your anger or joy about Cubase 7 with other members of the community…

Well that’s sort of what I thought until I went to a demo night and they were offering a good deal on the upgrades (I was on 6.5).

The chord track is really impressive. Even if you don;t think you need it, it can a wonderful composition tool. Collaboration via the internet is enhanced. Do you have Retrologue and Prologue with 6? They are worth the upgrade alone (imo). The mixer has not only new features (and look) but enhanced workflow. Supposedly, the mixer has technology from Yamaha in the new compressors in the channel strip (that’s what the presenter said).

And, I have to agree with a previous post - small upgrades are more affordable than big ones. I only had to pay AU$170 to upgrade (so I did) whereas the guy next to me had to pay $400 (which he didn’t).


Yes, this one is on the top of my list. No better way to spice up your life than getting a newest C7 update, which fixes some of the bugs introduced with initial C7 version. What a joy!

6 to 7 is a cheap upgrade, so why not?
But I like the Track list in the mixer…that alone made my life much easier, no more scrolling around just look in the list and boom.

The only thing I could ask for with the track list is coloring of names.Will probably come.

yea i need to take a better look at the channel strip… I can see that would make things quite a bit easier to get too

when is the first upgrade coming out, maybe I should wait until then?

Many strange comments here.

If you consider upgrading from CB6 I would guess you miss something in CB6. As I see it CB7 brings two big new features:

CB7 has a different mixer window. There are a lot of free available videos so you can get a grasp of what it looks like. In the new mixer it is easier to arrange the different mixer channels in sequences of your choice. Still not as flexible as ProTools but more choices than CB6. They can be arranged in groups and you can choose which groups to be visible. You can store different templates to show different groups. You can add pictures (both factory provided and your own) to have a visual signal of whats on the different mix channels. The notepad is now also available in the mixer window. The plugins from SB now has a enhanced user interface, this is especially applicable for the EQ. Then it is the channel strip with some nice plugs. As mentioned by someone else, you may find these inferior compared to 3. party plugs, but they do a decent job and they come with the price of the upgrade and are certainly worth looking into. I think I have better plugs than the ones that comes with SB so I remove the channel strip. What I really like is that the mixer “communicates” in a better way, with the colors, pictures and arrange possibilities. The work speed increases for me with the new mixer.

Also mentioned previously in this topic is the chord track. This is a feature I always missed in CB. There are many ways of utilizing the chord track. You could use it as a composition tool to have CB suggest chord progressions, but I use it to find the correct chords in material sent to me to have a guitar added. I use a MIDI keyboard track as source and voila: All the chords needed.

There are several other upgrades as well, but remember that CB6 is a great tool and will do the job for you. You do not need the newest all the time.

By the way: You still need J.Bridge if you run in 64 bit and use a lot of older 32 bit plugs. The included bridge is just not good enough (or rewire them through another DAW capable of reading these plugs, like Reaper).

Forget about all the nagging and dissatisfied people on this forum. Most of them have not taken the time necessary to get to know the program. Yes, CB7 has it faults, as has all the previous versions. On my machine CB7 is very stable. I did however experience some CPU spikes, but I´ve learned to handle them.

Depends on workflow, personally Memzap saves me the most time.

thanks Rumdrum…

you give me a lot to think about

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yes, dont update right now save your money… C7 it’s soooooo buggy and does not work as Steinberg promise.
But if you are stupid like us still wait and read all the post since C7 will be a stable software to work with.

C7 works great here, and as for a reason I would say the VST3 features.