Why cubase wont import .mpeg (dont care about quality)

we are on the year 2023
why cubase wont let me imported whatsapp files (.mpeg)
i am working with ppl around the world and somtimes they send me arrenge idea or somthing why i cannot import it and need to convert ??
i dont care about sound quality and stuff just need it to be in cubase
come on guys why it like this

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It is frustrating I know. My advice.? Stop waiting for them to improve things - you need to get on and have fun.!

Maybe think about spending a little money ($22) on a video player instrument plugin called VidPlayVST, so you can playback your *.mpeg media right inside Cubase, straight away. No conversion of your video files needed.!

There’s a demo (uses only the first 30sec of any video length imported). Test it out first before you buy.! Win or Mac.
VidPlayVST.com - Home

Just an idea.

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the problem its not video file it audio its whatsapp sound format

Oh.! Sorry… didn’t pick up on that.! I saw ‘mpeg’ and just assumed… :upside_down_face:

I feel your pain!

As long as I can remember, Cubase has always had quite limited support of audio formats. – I don’t think it’s a priority and doubt that it will become one.

So I learned a bit about the most amazing and free FFMPEG software and some of the very wide variety of free tools that have built GUI’s and other functions on top of it.

Here’s what I currently use for audio file conversions:

Can you upload an example of one of these files?


yha but why i need to waset time in convertion
we are on 2023

even on this website this fill cannot be uploaded :grin:
what a joke steinberg
anyway when you send mp3 whatsapp convert to mpeg and then you cannot import to cubase

website support cubase files only :joy:

I use Any Video Converter, which, despite the name, can convert virtually any format (audio or video) into any other, including extracting audio from video. The free version displays a nag screen at the end.

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This converts nicely all the media files you throw at it, integrates into the explorer right-click menu (on windows) and is really fast.
And it’s free too :wink:

Way faster than waiting for a feature that will maybe never make it’s way into Cubase! (My humble opinion, worth nothing).

i dont understand why all is so hard on cubase
whats the problem to do it
instade of working on fetures no body care about

I wholeheartedly agree with you here…

… but you lose my support with this sentence.

maybe paying for licenses for using the decoders, and then adding to the final product’s price, etc
just saying

Why don’t you just change the extension to mp3 and drag it into Cubase?? Easy.

Handbrake is free. https://handbrake.fr/

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