Why Cubasis has problem when running with Audiobus and Loppy

The problem I found is that when I use Audiobus with Cubasis in order to record live music with Loopy HD the midi keyboard and the midi pads for drums sometimes dont repond inmediately, so there is a glitch that is causing the sound to come out later maybe is related to the touch response in cubasis, I only use basic sound like bass and drums, so it is a big of a hassle that I even upgraded my ipad and stull experiencing same issue.

Please help.

Hi sellimher,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with a step description that allows us to give the issue a repro.
I’ve shared the info with Sebastian from Audiobus also, to check if he is aware of any issues in that area.


Ok. Well
Basically what I do first is to lauch Audiobus then I link the different apps that I will be using (Vocalive line in, Cubasis line in and Loopy Hd line out). I also use Blueboard Pedal conectes via bluetooth.
When I record anything from cubasis to loopy hd live I get problems when pressing the keyboard sometimes it wont sound until a few secs later, same happens with any other touchscreen apps such as Drums Xd and Sampletank, so its the Ipad Air 2 I think or t might be a glitch or something. Please let me know when you find any solution.
Note: I attached a pic of my preset on audiobus.

Hi sellimher,

So far we think the issue is unrelated to Cubasis.

If you’re able to provide me with a short video clip that visualises all steps involved, I am able to share it with our engineers and our friends at Audiobus. Please upload the clip to Dropbox or WeTransfer and provide me with the download link via private message.

Best wishes,