Why did I just lose 20 minutes of work when I have autosave setup to every 2 minutes?

Likethe title says. Cubase just crashed on me and I went to open up my backups, but it was saving every 2 minutes up until about 20 minutes ago. So i just lost the last 20 minutes of work. Why? I understand that autosave doesn’t happen if audio is playing, but is there something else that also stops it? And if audio is playing when the two minutes is up, does it just save as soon as audio stops playing or what?

Yes, it’s unclear how Cubase do that - I just use Ctrl+S all the time instead. autosave off.
It’s in my backbone by now, even though Cubase has been incredibly stable for me.

Would be nice with a setting like in Reaper - don’t save while recording, don’t save while .
I’ve had timeglass kind of icon while playing back, so figure it does that while playing.

I had a feature request five years ago - to have Ctrl+S kind of save also do the backup copies thingy, but no go so far in getting that.
Thinking to trigger by yourself, rather than trust Cubase to do it - to never cause an issue.
You can do Save as new version - but then clutter the recently used list with that.

We don’t know - but autosave might have caused your crash???
Trying to save in a not-good-moment.

Overall I think it would be nice to have a setting for what is considered a change - like to be asked if to save - if you close.
And the same condition would be used when autosave is activated.

I checked once, and it does not create new backup copies unless something is considered to be changed in project - but have no clue what those conditions are.

thinking project is changed if - and options:
a) if MSR buttons are toggled on a track
b) automation is modified
c) a fader is moved
d) a plugin control is moved
e) project is zoomed
f) project cursor is moved
g) timebase of ruler changed

or similar things, all through all details what you want. I have better feel for how Sonar consider a change of project, than Cubase.
I often exit Cubase without getting last view saved, etc(even having that setting on to start as last used).

Not much help, but I share your agony…

I manually save the projects.
Now with 9.5.4 I got a crash during quitting and was afraud if corrupting my project file. Thank heavens nothing destructive happened.
I now will save new versions from time to time and manually saving

I think you would also appreciate ability that manual save also make up to number of versions you can set for autosave?

Then each Ctrl+S also make a backup copy, not having to stretch to project versions.

Make a vote if you do:

Wondering about that as well. Just happened to me on C10. 15 minutes of work poof

I think you save once before autosave starts kicking in. A safety feature to prevent accidental overwrites.