why did this import with double flats? (a piece in G major)?

This is a simple piece I exported from Logic. I specified before doing so (and Dorico correctly imported) the key signature of G major (obviously 1 sharp). What I’m wondering is: why on earth did Dorico choose to add double flats (A double flat, for example, instead of G?), and what is the workaround to avoid this I may be missing?:

I’ll also reiterate (as a suggestion) that it would be helpful to be able to check “avoid double flats”, etc. right in the “MIDI import options” window that opens up to make this an impossibility (especially in a jazz context where simplicity for sightreading is especially key, I find - my two cents) though I’m also surprised that Dorico didn’t do that automatically in this instance (admittedly) since so much about it is so wonderfully automatic. Thanks and best -

  • D.D.

A. Do you get the same result if you transfer via MusicXML rather than MIDI?
B. Have you updated to 3.0.10? 3.0 had a problem with enharmonic spelling that certainly affected MIDI keyboard input; I don’t know whether that also affected MIDI import.

A belated reply: I HAVE upgraded to 3.0.10 but I’m STILL seeing this bizarre error on MIDI import (though I haven’t tried the MusicXML option from Logic since I’d very much prefer to import via MIDI generally for various reasons, from Logic). I just did ANOTHER export from Logic. Within Logic, I had already specified the proper key signature (G major). Yet when I just imported it, this is the results I got (note the double-sharp x’s):

Is this a bug/something the team is aware of? Thanks and best -

  • D.D.

Just to update the above: I just tried it with MusicXML and got this result (so it works much better this way):

However, I’d prefer the MIDI route (and one would think it should work much better) so do hope they took a look (among their many other things they’re always doing, of course).

Best -

  • D.D.