I see an option:
DISK PRELOAD: 2-4-6 seconds
Why this option? and why it is not 6 second of default if that option give much more better performance?
Let me know bye bye

See that “help” button underneath…?

Just been wondering how best to set this myself. That help button is greyed out for that particular page of the device setup, and the manual doesn’t include the phrase “disk preload”.

Any tips?

edit - just noticed this post was for older versions… I’m talking about vs 8 Pro - still, if anyone knows the answer, prob same thing in 8?

I realize this is an older thread, but I can’t find any explanation anywhere about what Disk Preload is for. The snide comment:

See that “help” button underneath…?

is not helpful. There IS no “Help” button (it’s grayed out). And after a half-dozen upgrades Steinberg STILL does not bother to even mention this feature in the manual?! Come on Steinberg…

BTW, the same is true for “Audio Priority” on the same screen. Not mentioned in the manual. Nobody seems to know what it does (or just won’t tell).

From the help:

“Disk preload is the amount of audio data that is loaded into RAM prior to starting playback. The purpose of this is to ensure smooth playback”