Why do all my wav files display as 120bpm in the Pool?

I don’t normally bother using the pool, but was having a poke around today and noticed that all my recordings, and the ones i get sent, show as 120bpm.
None of our projects are 120bpm, and these files all match up fine.

For example, ill have a project set to 100bpm and record a bass line. This shows its a 120bpm in the pool. My friend will send me wav files he has recorded at 100bpm and these match up fine with mine, but also showing as 120bpm.
If i Bounce selection all these files get updated in the pool to 100bpm.
Ive gone back and looked at a few projects we have done and i see this in all of them.
Its not an issue as such, just wondering whats going on.
What am i missing here or need to do to get them showing 100bpm (for example) in the Pool without me converting them?

CB 11 Pro, windows 10.