Why do disabled plugins have to load when opening a project?

I don’t understand why disabled plugins in a project have to load thus adding time to project load times? They are disabled no? They should only be a name reference to plugins in the plugin manager, that don’t actually load until you enable them???

It’s as if disabled plugins are nothing more than bypassed plugins, yet, bypassed plugins and disabled plugins are different things? I don’t get it?

project load times would be so much quicker, especially for templates, if I didn’t have to wait for disabled plugins to load… like 100x faster.

A deactivated plugin still has settings for it’s parameters. That way when you activate it, it will do the processing according to the parameters you’ve set. However, to save parameters for a plugin, it must first be loaded. In other words, if Cubase didn’t load a deactivated plugin, all the settings that you put in place when you created your template would be lost the next time you do a save.

Settings don’t store that much information though do they? We’re talking about kb data range here no? Like, if you switch presets, that doesn’t take that much time.

Couldn’t it just, not load the plugins, and create temp settings files within the .cpr? or something. It can’t just remember that “settings data set 123215” belongs to insert 4 on track #5?

It’s conceivable that Cubase could hold the settings for a plugin, just in case it isn’t loaded before the next time a save is done. So, yes, it could be done. However, it would be non-trivial, and I think that’s the answer to your question of “why?” :slight_smile:.

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It cannot be true. Imagine that some composers has templates containing 1000 instruments and they don’t load all for each project.
I just test my HALion Symphonic Orchestra template - it contains all 110 instruments and one track for each instrument. All disabled and loads very quick. The same was in 9.5, but in version 10 it loads much quicker.
Maybe we speak in different terms? Do you really disable tracks and they becomes darker?

yes we speak differently. You are talking about disabled tracks, which does have an effect on loading times.

I’m curious as to why ‘Disabled Plugins’ specifically, don’t do the same because if they did, it would potentially allow you to now have to have the tracks disabled.

I’m trying to understand why we need disabled plugins? If you don’t use some plugins, you can uninstall them and the reason is to clean your machine from unwanted and disturbing features. Am I wrong? I don’t have a need to disable plugins since I have only good plugins and any of them are loading fast. I have Cubase 10 Pro, full NI Komplete 10 Collectors Edition, something from Waves for voices and mastering, some free plugins too and no problems. I thing some people install all that is downloadable from internet and then need to upgrade their machine, because old horse cannot take you and your bag to the sunny future :smiley: