Why do I have cake?

Why do I have cake?

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It’s not my birthday!

I think it’s your anniversary of joining the forum (?)…

Didn’t existing users all join on the same day?

You joined the old forum on Dec. 14.

Ah! So I did.

They really shouldn’t tease us with virtual cake. Now I’ve got to get real cake.


So you want to have your cake and eat it too?


Who wouldn’t want that?


Apparently, I had my cake two weeks ago and didn’t even notice!

As it’s customary on reddit: Happy cake day!

You have cake because Dorico 4 will come with an ability brew fine lattes (regular and decaf), a feature I have requested for a long time. You must supply your own beans, however.

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Hate to break it to you but - the cake is a lie.


That’s ok: there is no spoon, either.

Dorico for iPad’s a fork, though…


:notes: This was a triumph… :musical_note:

May I please have a gluten-free one? Thank you.

Damn it bet me to it

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There is no charge for the gluten.
It’s free with the free cake. :partying_face:

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If you want gluten-free, you may have to get off your glutes and bake it yourself. :astonished:

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You may, but only with the full version of Dorico.

Then I may have to wait. I don’t even have the half-baked one.