Why do i have to pay for Cubase 10.5 if i already PAY for Cubase 10 complete?


The first time a buy a DAW was CUBASE 10, because i thought that this was the best Software in the market, but a lot of bugs and crashes says the opposite.

And now, when i upgrade my software i realize that i have to pay again, when i already buy 10 complete…

How can be possible that steinberg is selling actualizations of the same program, we are not talking about Cubase 11…is the same 10.5…

Totally disappointed


10.5 is not the same as 10. But if you feel better tp pay for a Software called 11, wait till Cubase Eleven is out, and buy then…

Minor updates like .5 should be free. Only major updates (ie: 10 to 11) should be paying.

There will be one more release of 10.0 with some backported fixes from Cubase 10.5 as it stands then (I would expect some 10.5 bugfix releases first). However, if you want new features, you will have to pay for 10.5.

Steinberg have done alternating major/minor paid upgrades to Cubase for a while. If you don’t want to pay for 10.5, don’t. You will pay more to upgrade to 11 when that is released that someone upgrading from 10.5, though.

.5 is not a minor update, this is the misunderstanding leading to an incorrect expectation and thus disappointment.

Version numbers of Steinberg software have, for a very long time, followed this pattern:
A - major updates to the software, including changes to UI, audio/midi engine, etc
B - new features and smaller changes to functionality.
C - maintenance/bug fixes resolving any issues with A.B

The business model pricing reflects this release cycle with A and B new feature coming out with very nearly the same timing each year and, if you update continually, A upgrades cost more than B upgrades - and all together ensure Steinberg remains a viable company producing a DAW I like.

Note that Steinberg will release 10.0.C updates in that series whilst 10.5.C is released for a reasonable length of time to get the last of the bugs fixed in the 10.0 feature set. Personally I find this to be a good practice, often lacking in the software industry. It means I can skip a B update if I wish and my older DAW will still be patched for a while longer.

In short, you don’t need to purchase the new B features if you don’t wish to and you will receive C bug fixes for a little while longer at no cost to your existing 10.0.C version. You are in truth receiving what you wanted - patches to your existing purchase for free.

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Basically… “Updates” to your version of Cubase are free. “Upgrades” to a new Cubase version are not free.

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Hello, I have Cubase since version 6, Steinberg has the option of lowering the price of updates, since there have been 8 updates in which I paid about € 59.99 each, soon it is more worth buying a new version than continuing to make updates . They could give us a perpetual version like Avid’s Pro Tools.

Software is NEVER finished nor completed

" but a lot of bugs and crashes says the opposite." This is the norm here and dont expect anything different.

By your logic I should get a refund from SX2 till now since things are never bug free

There are other DAWS with less issues. Dont expect any support from any DAW either as they all SUCK

Unfortunately for you it has been a crap show since the release of version 10. 10.5 is no different. 9.5 wasnt bad

BTW 10.5 is where Im getting off the bus here

There’s little that’s perpetual about it, though. You own the version that you bought, and get updates that are released for one year, after that you own a license to that version, and no updates unless you pay again.