Why do i keep getting this message

o authorize Steinberg Download Assistant, you must allow your browser to open Steinberg Download Assistant. Once authorization is completed, you can close this page and continue working with Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks for asking this question. Basically, I am also facing this problem for quite a long-on
but still, I don’t find any solution for that. So can anyone please check once and let me know from where I switched off these messages. Thanks in advance.

When signing in to Steinberg and downloading from the Download Assistant, it asks you to “connect” between the assist to your Steinberg account in web.
You need to do it one time and than it should work.
Have you done it?

Just uninstalled and reinstalled Download assistant
It never asks…only says as i posted…

So, I was using Firefox and then dloaded Chrome.
Set DL assistant to default to Chrome ( or whatever your new browser will be)
DL assistant appears to be working now
Will update this thread later to confirm

Again…same error.
Does anyone know what to do…