Why do I not have the fade handle on certain events


The events normally have a fade handle on the left and right but in some events I do not have them. I can figure it out why this is, any thoughts on this one?

There are audio events, and there are Audio Parts, which contain events. The ones without fade handles are the latter.

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply. I am not that much on the internet so sorry for my delay. Somehow I got the seperate events to get together in an audiopart. How can I ungroup the audio events back to seperate events? It still does not ring a bell as to what the function of the audiopart is compared to the events.

Select the Audio Part(s) and use Edit>Ungroup

If you double+click an Audio Part it will open the Audio Part Editor where you can access the underlying Audio Events.

Audio Parts are typically used when you have bits of Audio from various sources that you would like to behave as if it were a single item. You put them into an Audio Part and then you can move them around all together. It is also similar to the Group function. For more details check the manual.