Why do mono tracks show stereo output on the meters?

I am tracking some guitar in Cubase using mono inputa. In the mixer these input channels have mono meters and I can see the levels are correct. However, when I monitor these channels and send their signal through the channel, I notice that the meter on my mono track is in stereo and the level is quieter. Why do the meters on a mono track show stereo output of the channel?

I guess they are set to post fader metering, that includes the panning.
If you route them to a mono bus or switch them to input metering, the meter should change to mono.

Ah ok, I see now. I changed the input to “post fader” and it changes to mono… I still don’t know why it matters or which choice is best but for now I will just set it like this. Thank you

It matters if you want to see how a mono track is being panned into a stereo target track. It also matters if you want to see how many channels your target track has, which can be good if you have a bunch of tracks and they go to different destinations, some mono and some stereo. By having your meter post-panner you can easily see that. If your meter is before the panner then you can’t see that.

Of course the choice is yours and if it doesn’t matter to you then you can choose something else.

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