Why do my loop points move when I change song tempo?


I’m getting a little frustrated with loop points constantly moving whenever I change the msater tempo of the track I’m working on.

I have the track set to musical timebase (NOT linear), and the ruler showing bars and beats, but for some reason, if I change the tempo of the track the loop points get shifted around.

Please can somebody explain? I could understand it if I had the timebase set to linear, but it’s not. Is there a master/global timebase setting somehwere that might be set to linear, which I’m not aware of?

Thanks ofr any help.


Can you post a screen shot showing your project window + transport bar? Are you should your primary time format is musical as you mention you’re using a ruler track set to bars and beats (this doesn’t mean your primary time format is set correctly).

Setting the tracks to musical mode is not enough - you need to open every audio event in the audio editor and set them to musical mode there. I’ve never understood why this has to be so complicated.

I’m not at the screen right now but that should do it.

Good luck.

It’s not necessary to open the audio editors. How onerous you make it sound. You can open the pool, select all, or just, the files you want to change, and click the Musical Mode check box. Or, you can select all events in the Project window (you can even include midi parts) and change them via the info line with a click. Audio parts are the exception.

(BTW, tracks don’t have a Musical Mode- it’s Musical Time Base. It’s audio files that are set to Musical Mode. This unfortunate resemblance of terms results in frequent and sometimes seemingly endless confusion.)

It sounds like the problem has been interpreted two different ways. Loop points = cycle locators?

likelystory- I think you’re right… :blush:

So yeah, Primary Time Display should be set to Bars and Beats.

Thanks chaps - certainly didn’t mean to start a dispute.

It was the Primary Time Display issue in my case. Although set to bars/beats in the ruler, it was still set to timecode in the transport. Once this was changed, everything behaved as expected.

Thanks again.