why do percussion kits inconsistently treat the rest in the empty bars and stem directions?


This question could be arisen out of my ignorance.
Why does the snare drum staff display a whole rest in empty bars whereas the triangle staff does display no rest in empty bars?
Is there any option to hide/show them?

I am attaching the “Setup” window with the “Edit Percussion Kit” window.

It also treats the stem directions inconsistently (I removed the forced stem direction).

Do you need a dorico file to inspect it?

It looks like Dorico’s treating both instruments as one voice until bar 22, when the Tambmil first plays. From then on there are two voices on the staff.

There are settings on the Edit Percussion Kit dialog for which voice should be used by each instrument (select one instrument and you’ll find those settings at the bottom of the screen. Then repeat for the other instrument). There is also an option for whether empty voices should be padded with bar rests at Notation Options > Rests > Bar Rests in additional voices.

Thanks, it has solved the problem.
The vertical position of rest is somewhat zigzag. I did change some items in Notation Options, but I could not control it.