Why do short articulations decrease dynamics (CC11)

Best exemplified in pictures. Example 1

The fact that CC11 increases ever-so-slightly is another issue but my pressing concern is what happens when I add staccato. Example 2

You can see the notch clearer in this example of a staccato note:
Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 2.20.23 PM

CC11 decreases for some unknown reason. Is this supposed to behave like this and if so, is there a setting somewhere that I can turn off?


PS The behavior is the same with staccatissimo and marcato.

I had a recent experience with unexplained velocity changes and was able to pinpoint the issue by turning off all humanization in the Expression Map and then turning them back on one by one.

Additionally, setting up top/bottom range boundaries like this resulted in the curve jumps similar to yours because the center point shifted in one articulation vs another:

Excellent … I tried all the humanization settings to no avail but your Volume Dynamic was it. CC11 is the secondary with default 1-127 while the primary is velocity 48-127. I still need to fiddle to get CC11 to behave but at least I know the underlying cause.

Thanks a lot.

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I prefer setting the range by ear for each articulation and then using the “Dynamics Lane” itself instead of CC11/Velocity exactly for this reason!