Why do some VST Presets have a "Tempo" listed?

I’m reading the manual and watching videos to better understand the MEDIA BAY and MEDIA RACK…

  1. Why do some of the VST PRESETS have a Tempo listed?? These are “Instruments” (sounds to play w my keyboard), not loops, right? But yet some have a “Tempo” listed in the Tempo column? I don’t understand what a VST Preset’s “Tempo” is supposed to refer to. When I choose them: the little “on-screen keyboard” appears in the previewer window, indicating they are sounds, or “instruments”, not Audio or midi loops.

  2. in MEDIA RACK their is a major category called “Instruments”, which brings up all my VST Presets, but yet I can’t duplicate these exact search results using MEDIA BAY. When I put “instruments” in the Media BAY search bar (searching all media types): I don’t get the same results as when I choose “Instruments” in the Media RACK…can anyone explain?

  3. Similarly, When I choose “Loops and Samples” category in Media RACK, I get slightly different results vs. choosing 'All Media" and putting 'LOOPS" in the search bar in Media BAY

  4. Why is there no category for “VST Presets” in Media BAY?? I see pull-down categories for: Audio Files, Track Presets, Plug-in Presets, etc etc, but no category VST Presets?

  5. What am I not understanding about MEDIA BAY vs. Media RACK?

any tips, suggestions greatly appreciated.



  1. I was also always wondering. I think there is no meaning for this. Probably in which tempo was it recorded originally, so in which “style” should it fits.

  2. Search field is for string comparison. You can’t search for categories here. If you search for specific Instrument category, just filter it out in the matrix above the Search Results.

  3. Loops and Samples is not the same as Loops.

  4. and 5. I don’t know.