Why do steinberg need to know my web history?

In the app steinberg requests access to my accounts, my web bookmarks and my web history. I don’t see any usage for that information in the app. So why? (The android version that is)

Aloha c


It’s the first step to their ultimate goal:


NYA’ AH’ AH’!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But they would probably say:
‘We are doing this to better serve our customers’.

Yeah, riiiiiight!

It seems that no matter how humble the beginnings, every app developer turns into a megalomaniac and wants to rule the world!

An occupational hazard. Must come from all the virtual thinking, making it easy to leap to world domination, … in their heads!

Governments are trying to get their hands on as much meta-data as they can.

It is an interesting vector to get it from. All they have to do is eavesdrop on newly added apps in the apps stores, and surreptitiously up the permissions, as most developers probably never check their settings again, unless they have also embarked on megalomania.

I could understand having the permission, if the app could actually remember the Cubase host’s IP address! In fact, they possibly could have created a custom-named bookmark to do just that.

Maybe they originally intended to remember the IP addresses, but it got lost in the megalomania rush.

They should have their own sqlitedb for that.

Rather overkill for a few characters. An ini file, or even just file name entries, without actual files.

No answer from steinberg, yet an other steinberg bug then? Do they have any security department?

Did you ask them through tech support?