Why does an upgrade never ASK to import previous settings?

Every time a major upgrade comes around, the new installer just goes ahead and imports settings from previous versions without asking the user to do that or not. I personally would much rather install the program fresh with its own default settings and paths and then customize that.

While this may be a time saver for many, I’ve found irregularities over time with some preferences: some don’t stick across new projects and have to be reset every time, and others revert to defaults. Why would I want to import a previous project’s messy preferences into a new version? Also, I would rather start with a blank slate with regards to VST2 paths so that I can introduce the program to the variety of VST2 paths I maintain.

IMO this process should be an installer option. Possibly with a variety of choices as to what gets imported. Thnx.

Possibly because there are so many options. I am having a new computer built and am thinking about what I want to import from my prefs into the new machine.

I have been rooting around the Steinberg folder in My Docs to find out what is what. I want to transfer my all my Insert Presets for instance, but only a few of my Project Templates and most of my VST Presets. I guess that I will have to transfer them manually. I am not sure that you could have an option for keeping some and not others.

However, I do agree that it might be useful to be able to cancel the prefs on update.

I install every major release in a new folder (when updating), that way it will not use the settings of the previous version.
It will take me some time to create new templates and get the settings right, but then I know for sure the system is running the way I like, and I did not oversee new options.