Why does CB take hold of the GPU when its in the background, and then crash my PC

I keep having ‘serious graphics’ issues with CB. Most of the time CB is the only program running, but a lot of the time when i open, say a web browser there is a good chance my PC will come crashing down and need re starting. I get the above errors even when CB is not in focus.
100% doesnt happen when CB is not running. Its like it has a grip on everything. Audio runs fine etc, and considering its an audio program I’d have thought I’d get more issues there.
None of my graphics programs ever have issues, and neither any of my web browsers unless CB is open.
Cubase 64bit 2021.4.25 (1.0 MB)

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I get this problem when I use lots of Softube plugins and they have opengl enabled.

im not happy with the performance of CB but can sort of understand it happening when im using CB, but not when its idol and in the background.
When the screen goes blank and starts to try and come back i see small sections of the CB interface, even though it wasn’t on screen at the time
Crash dump added above.

I have submitted the report to our system. I’ll report back as soon as I get feedback from the team.

Thanks. Keeping me in the loop will be great.

This is getting stupid now. CB (and i have no doubt its CB) is bringing my system to a halt on a very regular basis now.
its taken me 3 hours to use Variaudio to edit a few bits of audio. its constantly giving me a white screen and then CB just disappears. no error, no dump. just gone with no indication what caused it.
Any other program (like a video player) locks up and wont display anything. Web browsers wont stay open, the normal windows shut down doesnt work
Even Win+Ctrl+Shift+B doesn’t work at all. i have to re boot the PC every time time CB crashes buy hitting the off button.
I rarely had this issue before the update.

The issue seems to be related to your graphic card. What is the exact model of your GPU? Have you updated the graphic drivers to the latest version?

Thanks. Ive heard this reason before but in what way?
Ive run performance tests on the card without issues, and nothing else causes this to crash, not even some high end games (obviously not at the same times as using CB).
Ive had this issue on and off (not every day) for a few months since I started using CB, and at one point switched to using the Intel graphics chip on my CPU. Still had the same error every now and then.
My current card is an Nvida GTX750 Ti. I’m using the most up to date Nvida game drivers without all the other stuff that comes with it, just the drivers and control panel, Studio drivers are not an option with this card. These have been re installed a couple of times recently. Always a clean instal.,
I’m willing to replace the card with another IF its shown to be a fault with the card, or its incompatible. but if i was to get another Nvida card it would use the same drivers so i cant see the point. I also dont have any money coming in so just buying a card to see is not an option I want to take without more info,

I have forwarded the GPU details to our team. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Still happening.
Error in graphics2d.dll as soon as i try and use a web browser while CB is open.

Cubase 64bit 2021.5.3 (673.7 KB)

Hi Dave,

I received some feedback from the team. Have you already tried to run older versions of the Nvidea drivers? Maybe that could solve the problem. 461.09 or 452.06?

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Thanks for the update. I haven’t, but ill give the 452 a go (i still have the download) now and see how i get on.
Ill report back in a day or so and let you know.

A quick update. Might be unrelated but I’m getting a very high CPU usage showing with the older GPU driver. Lots of crackling etc. I had this project open before updating to the older driver and it was working fine.
Obviously all has been re booted etc. No setting have changed, other than i had to increase the buffer size beyond anything ive had to use before, and this is with ASIO guard set to high as normal.