Why does cubase respond slowly from my midi control surface?

I’m trying to setup an old Digital Desk to work as a midi control surface for Cubase. So far I’ve got the faders, mute & pans working perfectly, however I’m having trouble with the Transport and Solo buttons. For some reason Cubase detects the midi signal and then illuminates the Solo or Play buttons immediately, however it takes 3-4 seconds until either all the other channels switch to mute or the session begins playback.

When I use a keyboard shortcut or mouse click the session plays immediately or the other tracks mute immediately.

I’ve used a midi translator program as well to convert the midi output to a keyboard key stroke (space bar) and the session begins playback straight away. It’s as though Cubase seems to slow down when it gets controlled by a midi input.

Any one had a similar issue or advice on where to look in Cubase settings to resolve this?

Aha! I managed to scour the internet for a few more hours and found the solution in a small comment at the bottom of some un-related article!

For future reference you need to select the ‘not automated’ flag within the Cubase Genereic Remote window. Yay!