Why does Cubasis „transfer“ MIDI? And how?

Actually I expect a DAW to play midi notes, so that I do not have to. But Cubasis 3 does it „differently“.

I recently purchased the nerd synth a2x plugin from analog mathew. And there’s this preset called ‚high noon seq ii‘, I used for a track idea.

But: when I press a key on the keyboard, the note sequence is another one, as if I let Cubasis do play the same note. And this is pretty annoying, as I want the sequence the way it plays, when I press the key.

So I can not use Cubasis for this. And it’s somehow strange to me.

Nevertheless I had a similar experience with other plugins, where Cubasis fails to play the first note of the first bar.

Maybe it’s a performance issue, but actually, my iPad 6 runs pretty well at all.

Any idea, what could be the reason for it or similar experiences?


Please share a short video with us which shows all steps leading to the issue.


Hi Lars,

took a moment… :innocent:

Ready to go. I’m not allowed to share full links here.
Guess you’ll make it: youtu.be/9WX7P0mY8AE


Thanks for your reply.

I suggest to get in touch with the app vendor of Nerd Synth to discuss the issue. I’m at hand to provide a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes, if required.