Why does download assistant update activation manager?

when i launch download assistant,i get a splash screen saying updating activation manager.
i dont have activation manager,so why does this keep comming up on launch of download assistant?

Why does it matter?

It was installed on your system, have a look.

It’s tasked with the job of making sure all the licensing utilities needed by Steinberg products, are installed on your machine.

It also updates the Elicenser Control Center, and the Library manager.

You may find that in fact, it is installed. As far as I can tell, the new licensing system requires three parts, one of which is the existing eLicenser, one is the new activation manager (“SAM”) and then there’s the download assistant itself (“SDA”) which keeps everything up to date as well as being a download manager.

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its definetly not installed

All I know is every time I use download assistant it needs to update to a newer version. Not that I use it often.