why does it say 22 gbs to install the new 10.5 update from 10 when the download was only 1.5 gbs?

Really confused about upgrading fro 10 to 10,5 - it was something like a 1.5 gb download but when i ran the package it says it will take around 22 gb to install?

And now it has been installing for the ;last hour - i think it may have frozen but when i quit installer and reopen it says waiting for other installations to complete?

Anyone know what’s going on?

The 22Gb file should install 10.5 from scratch, as if you never had a Cubase app on your computer. The 1.5Gb file is for updating an existing copy of Cubase. Which file did you download? If you did both, you should be able to install just the 1.5Gb one to update your 10.0.4

I downloaded the upgrade from 10 to 10.5 which was around 1.5 Gbs. I didn’t download the full version. Which is why I don’t why when I unpacked the Downloaded upgrade it then says this install will take 22 gbs ?

The installer stating that it needs 22 GB is normal in the world of Cubase. When you update Cubase 10.0.40 to 10.0.50 for example, it also says that you need the entire amount of space of the original installer available to install it, not just the 780 MB which is the size of the 10.0.50 update, but it only installs the necessary files, not 22 GB. It is literally impossible for a 1.5 GB installer to install 22 GB from itself, no matter how compressed it is.

Exactly that what I thought until it was still trying to install an hour later. The only way I could get it to install was to do a custom install and deselect everything there as it was asking to instal all content from GA padshop LoopMash etc which I already have. So I deselected everything and it now said 900 mbs to install which I figured must be the actual 10.5 update and it finally installed it. I’ve never had to do anything like that before.

You shouldn’t have done that as the older versions of the plugins/instruments might cause issues with the newer version of Cubase. I was skeptical when I saw that Steinberg offered the option to “upgrade” to the newer version, much like OS upgrades from 10.14 to 10.15 for example. I never do those directly like that as they tend to cause the biggest bugs and lags later on. Instead, I do a clean install.

If you start encountering issues, I suggest you either revert back to 10.0.40 and wait for 10.5 to receive a couple of bug fix updates then do a clean install of 10.5.x, or if you’re willing to risk it again, download the 22 GB 10.5 installer and install from scratch this time around. Remember to delete your 10.0.4 preferences by holding alt/option while clicking on Go in Finder, then click on the “Library” that appears in the list, go to the Preferences folder and delete any Steinberg or Cubase .plist file you find in that folder (these are automatically regenerated when you launch an application). This is just in case you start getting random issues left and right. If you decide to revert back to 10.0.4, also delete the current Preference .plist files before reinstalling. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. Yes I think everything is a bit laggy now. Unless it’s because the media bay is updating which it seems to be doing. And maybe it will be ok once finished. But I don’t know why it’s updating when it was all updated fine before unless it automatically does so with the upgrade.

Luckily As cubase creates a new 10.5 application and has left the 10.0.5 I can just hopefully continue working with that one until i figure things out. It’s all so confusing.

You’re welcome! I suppose the best way to figure out if Cubase 10.5 is updating its internal info is to just leave it running for an hour and come back and try fiddling around with it. If you find that an older project is giving you a hard time, try saving a new version of it in 10.5, quitting Cubase and then reopening the newly saved version, that’s a fix I read here on the forum that might work in certain cases. All in all, if you find that after a couple of days things still aren’t working well, then it’s probably best to just leave it until Steinberg releases a bug fix update.

Generally speaking, I tend to stay away from the initial release of any major software, be it OS or DAW, as they tend to have mostly new features and very few bug fixes, and ANY new feature will inevitably introduce at least one hard-hitting bug, or overall lagginess. Hope this helps!

Sound advice. I was too quick on the draw. Well I’m sure things will pan out ok.

It’s nothing new over here. All the Cubase updates I installed always displayed a crazy big install but the actual installations rarely take more than a minute or two, and the advertised file size of the download is always small. Might be a Mac installer thing. Another thing, a lot of softwares I buy, once I start the the installer, the estimated time for installation will be crazy time like 4 hours and two minutes later it states 5 minutes remaining. Crazy stuff :smiley:


Yeah I get what you’re saying. What confused me is that I left it installing for like an hour. So I knew something weird was going on. Maybe it had frozen. But there was no way to stop it now. Every time you open ones the instal app again it kept saying ‘waiting for to their installations to complete’. And the fact that it specifically says it is about to install all of the content from all of the groove agent halion etc is really confusing, if it’s not a fault going to do that. Maybe I did something wrong but I can’t think what. Everything seems ok now though.

Regarding what you just said, it is entirely possible that your installer might have gotten corrupted during download (any small glitch in the internet connection during a download can cause that). You could re-download the 1.5 GB and reinstall it (don’t leave anything out this time) and see if it fixes it. That might also fix an issue or two that you may or may not have yet experienced in 10.5.

So does the 1.5GB installer create a separate 10.5 version of Cubase alongside version 10 or is version 10 overwritten completely? I do want to keep version 10 and 10.5 separately.


Separate version. You have both.

Ok I’ll do that. But is it ok to just write over the previous 10.5 install like that ?


As far as I know it’s fine in macOS as the installers overwrite everything that has the same name (which is why you can update plugins without uninstalling them or manually removing them first). It won’t make duplicate files if that’s what you’re worried about. So yes, I would say go ahead. But remember to delete the .plist file in the Preferences folder like I mentioned in an earlier reply. It’s best to do it before the reinstallation.

Thanks, will deleting that p list file delete the way I’ve set up cubase for my workflow like key commands etc ?

Within the Preferences folder, you’ll find Steinberg/Cubase .plist files, but you’ll also find a Cubase 10 folder which has files within it that are not .plist. One of these files is called Key Commands.xml. I suggest you copy that file and back it up like you would your Profile within Cubase (after testing this myself, I can say that the Profile DOES NOT retain the key commands).

Since this is a Cubase 10 folder, it should be okay to leave it alone (but backing up the Key Commands file is just a plus), and deleting the .plist files that are outside this folder will not affect it. If I’m not mistaken, you could try replacing the existing key commands file in the 10.5 folder with this one that way you can automatically have your key commands ready.

I think everything related to the workflow is stored in the Cubase 10 folder within the Preference folder, which as I mentioned, does not contain .plist files.

I have upgraded 10 to 10.5 using the 1.5GB with No issues and 10.5 worked fine. A week later the 3rd party plug-ins icon pictures in the media rack disappeared. They work fine but only with No picture When I open the plug-in and try to snap the picture again by clicking the camera button, nothing happened. And when I opened the old version 10, I found the same.!