Why does Loudness Meter reset after stopping ?

The behaviour of Wavelab’s Loudness Meter is the opposite of Cubase’s Loudness Meter in as much as stopping and restarting a project in Cubase doesn’t cause the meter to be reset, but stopping and restarting in Wavelab does.

I don’t know whether either one meets the LUFS criteria, but regardless of which might be technically correct, for people such as myself, switching between the two programs on a daily basis, can we please have an option so that pressing Stop in Wavelab does not cause the meter reading to be reset ?

WaveLab is oriented towards multiple files handling, hence resetting the loudness after each start, makes sense.
If you want to monitor the loudness of a whole file, play the whole file. Period. You get the loudness of that file without the memory of the other files.
Also, if you play eg. the first 30 sec of a file, then the last 30 sec, you don’t want the loudness display to be influenced by the former samples.
This is why WaveLab does so.

I would agree. I can’t think of a case where I would want the meters to not reset and be influenced by another file.

But in creating an Audio Montage I would want to measure the loudness of the whole project … if I stop playback at any point, I can’t measure the loudness across the whole project.

But in creating an Audio Montage I would want to measure the loudness of the whole project … if I stop playback at any point, I can’t measure the loudness across the whole project.

Then don’t stop :wink:

I think there is value in adding a feature that can do an offline analysis of a montage that is post all FX.

For now, you have to render a temporary file, analyze it, delete it etc…or do a live playback which is not the fastest way usually.

To add to my wish, would be a mode to analyze either the entire montage in one pass, or by “CD Tracks” so that in theory, with Sonnox ProCodec inserted, you could check for MFiT compatibly more easily.

Sorry for the off topic rant but I think there is some correlation here.

As your wink suggests, not an ideal solution !

All I’m asking for is an option setting for it to not reset after stopping and restarting.

I don’t think it’s off topic. It’s the easiest and fastest to analyze for LUFS or RMS or Peak imo. For whole montage, render “whole montage” with “create named file” un-checked, then analyze the temporary result file with Global Analysis. With “create named file” turned off, there’s no temporary file to name or delete: wavelab will delete it for you if you close it without saving. Much easier and faster than playing files through meters I think. And you can do the same no-name renders for individual clips or time selections.

I agree with your wish list, but I also think it’s already pretty powerful and comprehensive in many respects with Global Analysis.

But I also agree if Cubase metering is one way, that that function of metering should be possible in Wavelab.

Personally, I would go nuts if the loudness meter would NOT reset after stopping playback. And I think there are plenty (fast) ways to analyze files in WL - though I agree analysing a full montage after FX and MS would be a nice addition.

And I don’t think because two programs are from the same company, their meters should behave the same way. Wavelab is not a multitrack recording and music creation program and Cubase is not a mastering/ editing program. Different jobs, different behaviour.

Same here. I love that about WaveLab. There are only a handful of meters I can use in Pro Tools on the master fader that are smart enough to reset with the start and stop of the transport. If that doesn’t happen, nearly all readings are not really accurate and I can’t think of a situation where I would not want a reset.

Playing in realtime seems like not the best way to go about it. Offline bounce/render and then offline analyzation is surely faster in nearly any situation unless you are using so many plugins that offline bounce/render is slower than real-time.


Does Cubase always hold the last displayed readings on stop, even if you then place the cursor and start in another song? Or is it only if you start the same place you stopped that it holds?

That’s what it does.

And just to clarify the operation in Cubase. Cubase has an option to hold the setting or to reset on start in the loudness meter settings.

Thanks Stingray. And the default is to hold, with manual reset? Seems odd they’d do that if it’s not even an option in Wavelab.

Yes probably odd, but then again development of the two programs is probably managed separately, so functional correspondence is not mandatory.

IMO, overall, Wavelab has more sophisticated loudness meters than Cubase, even though it does not have a hold mode.