Why does my mono Vox channel show a STEREO icon?

I’m a bit alarmed but mostly confused to see that the vocals I’ve recorded on a MONO audio track are showing a stereo (double circle) for the Vox track in the Project Window AND MixConsole. Why is this? (see screenshot)

I hope I didn’t do anything wrong…
Why is it a STEREO icon.JPG

When you added the track you set it to a stereo configuration. Try right clicking on a track. Choose add track, audio, then choose a configuration of mono if that’s what you want. But, you probably want your mono input sent to a stereo track anyway. So, IMO, just leave it as stereo unless you really have some sort of special effect or some other reason for wanting mono.

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Ok well, I’m not so sure it’s wrong anymore…but I AM confused. I’ve watched some tutorials that clearly say to make sure your audio track configuration matches the input source (ie. mic → mono) but then other tutorials like this where I can see on his screen that his vocal tracks are in stereo:

So yeah, I’m now officially confused.

In your VST Connection window you definitely want it set up as mono (if it is a mono source). But, after that, you have a choice to record that mono source to a mono or stereo track. I always record all my sources setup as mono to stereo tracks. I don’t have a need to record these as a mono files (at this time). Maybe someone will chime in to explain a few reasons why you would want to record to mono.

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Cubase will actually record mono audio on a stereo track if you have selected a mono input bus.
It will only record stereo with a stereo input bus selected.

So as I think you have realised your audio is mono even though the track is stereo - The waveform view can obviously confirm this for you.

There is some possible advantage to a stereo track if you use any plugs that add stereo width to your mono signal (as these can not work on a mono track)

My own preference is to always create a mono track for mono source and if I should need stereo FX I’ll drag the files into a new stereo track.
I think some stereo plugs might use a little extra cpu over mono which is my reasoning for this, though tbh I’ve never verified this by testing…just read it somewhere once :smiley:

If it doesn’t really make a difference, then why go thru the trouble of setting it up as stereo if you might end up dragging it later into a new stereo track? I’m still trying to understand… are we setting up as Mono out of tradition because that’s how it was done in the ol days? I think I remember a version of Cubase a few years ago where you could NOT drag a mono signal to a stereo track and vice-versa. Doesn’t seem restrictive anymore.

Did you mean to say why go through the trouble of setting it up as mono if I might end up dragging to a stereo track??

If that’s what you’re asking the answer was already in my previous post…because I think there is a possibility of higher CPU use with plugs on the stereo track…again, this is untested but I’m perfectly happy with working this way unless anyone gives me a good reason to do otherwise.

Bottom line is I don’t think it’s worth overthinking. Do whatever suits you.

oh yeah…that’s what i meant! sorry!

i just did a bunch of audible tests and things like that and yes, there is no difference between the stereo and mono sounds of my vocal track, and I’m using an FX send anyway.

It’s funny how you can now drag a stereo recording to a mono audio track, and a mono recording to a stereo track. I remember when Cubase did not allow this. I don’t find this is a particularly good thing as this may be what accidentally lead me to the situation of confusion I found myself in.

But to conclude, if one records a vocal (mono signal) on a STEREO audio track, the waveform still shows a mono signal, so does that mean that despite it being on a stereo track, the signal remains mono? If so, then I too will keep setting them up as mono to avoid confusion.

Basically yes…with the caveat that the output is stereo (dual mono really) and that adding insert FX that introduce difference between left and right will make it “proper” stereo.