Why does Pool import not follow Session format?

Hey Guys,

I’ve recently started to use FLAC exclusively,both as a recording format and in my sessions. So far I can’t really see any drawbacks other than the lack of 32 bit float support(which I rarely use anyway).

However, I’m curious as to when i import audio into the Pool,it always wants to convert it to WAV if it’s not in the session samplerate, or when it needs to be copied in? I have to do a ‘convert audio’ after to get it to Flac again.

Is this by design, or just an oversight?

AFAIK by design. Nuendo doesn’t support direct playback of compressed formats within a project.

It supports Flac natively these days?

Yes. I believe it does with FLAC.

I may be misunderstanding your issue, but I just tested FLAC import here and it doesn’t convert it to WAV as you suggest above. It remains as a FLAC file in the pool even if the sample rate needs converting or the file gets copied :confused: .

So not sure why it’s not doing the same in your case.

Dredging up this thread… I too am using FLAC.

Is there a way to have Nuendo convert to FLAC on importing an audio file? My archive is WAV files, and the Project Record File Type is set to FLAC. However, Nuendo doesn’t convert them to FLAC on import.

I’ve found two ways to get the session files to FLAC:

  • Convert the entire archive to FLAC (importing retains the file type, but will convert sample rate or bit depth to match the project),
  • or convert the pool manually as files are added.

jorisdeman, are you still using FLAC for sessions? Curious if it still works well for your purposes.