Why does quantize move the notes even if they are on grid?

Why does quantize move the notes even if they are all ready on grid?

I have a pair of photos “1q” is before the quantize and “2q” is after 1/8T quantization is applied.

I just want to apply some randomization but when I quantize it moves the notes.

Why is this happening?

1 q.png

Maybe I am blind, but I keep going backwards and forwards, trying to see what is different between those screenshots, but i am not seeing any difference, other than that the screen captures aren’t in exactly the same place, but all the events seem correct, relative to the Play Cursor (which I presume is still at the same place, because we don’t actually see the Ruler).
Could you upload something which shows something specific, or point out where the differences are… sorry, but going backwards and forwards makes it very hard to compare.

Haha, I see the difference, but only by flicking between the two images in two separate browser windows with each one lined up to match their positions!!! It’s a spot the difference competition :slight_smile:

The first thing to note is that quantize is non-destructive, i.e. it moves the note but it still remembers the original position. Then when you quantize again with a different setting the original position is used not the current position.

So, I’d say that you’d already applied a quantize to those notes that moved, but quantized say at the bar line, hence they’re on the barline in q1. But in applying the new quantize, q2, they move to the new quantize position which is nearest to their original position.

Could this be it?


1/8T? as in Triplets?


I also can’t see a difference in the pix