Why does sizing tool sometimes change to pencil?

  1. with object-select tool (looks like regular arrow cursor), i go to drag the end of an audio event
  2. as I mouse over the drag handle, I expect the cursor to change to double-ended-arrow sizing cursor
  3. 75% of the time, this works. But about 25% of the time, it changes to a pencil cursor, which I don’t want. (not the usual pancil/draw cursor with the squiggle underneath that would allow me to draw dynamics. it’s just a pencil. and clicking with it on the drag handle does nothing)
  4. I press “1” to cycle through the object-select cursors
  5. 75% of the time, it changes to the sizing type I want. 25% it stays stuck on the pencil

Is this a bug? It’s been here for many versions, and each update I hope it will be fixed.

Am I missing something. it is so frustrating to my workflow, I would willingly be embarassed to hear it’s a feature, if I can disable it.

has anyone else seen this?

all insights gratefully received. thanks


I haven’t seen this here on the forum and I cannot reproduce it neither.

Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you use HiDPI screen?

The Draw Tool would appear only if you hold down Alt/Opt modifier and the mouse pointer doesn’t hover over the Audio Event anymore. Please, double-check your computer keyboard is OK and it doesn’t send the Alt/Opt down by accident.

I am on windows. yes HiDPI.

yes I can enable pencil tool on and off with the alt/option key during normal use.

not faulty keyboard. I have had the same issue with multiple keyboards.
also, if my alt/option key was stuck, that would be noticeable in many other ways :slight_smile:

next time it occurs, I will try pressing option, and will try to get a video of it.

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prssing option did not help.

But I have noticed that saving the project releases the cursor from being stuck as a pencil.

So that’s a workaround for anyone else suffering this issue.

It hits me hard because I do a lot of audio editing, and resizing.