Why does template with 3rd party plugins take so long to open?

As the title says, Nuendo takes a very long time to open a template with just a few tracks and about 10 FX tracks with several plugins. It’s nothing crazy but it takes about 1 minute to open up the template in comparison to a few seconds to open up one of Nuendo’s original templates.

Any suggestions if there’s anything I can do to make it load quicker? In my work I have to be constantly opening and closing projects so it adds up a lot of time every time I have to do it.


If on Windows:
We had a similar problem. This was due to network drives that were not currently connected - or to the Synology NAS being switched off (up to 3 Minutes). Nuendo will then not open the files until all drives have been checked. But even network drives or NAS that are switched on have a significant delay (20 - 60 seconds).
(This is a Windows error. Some programs wait until they have recognized all drives)