Why does the score editor in Cubase not put notes on the bass clef?

I am finding the score editor like a silly toy. It starts out showing only a treble clef. I found you can go into score > settings and set it for piano and now it will show treble and bass clefs. But it won’t place notes on the bass clef.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. How do you make it not only show the bass clef but actually put notes on that clef?

You are asking people who like the Score Editor how to use such a silly toy.

I would suggest browsing through the beginning of the Score Editor manual to understand the elements on the screen and how it works. Or browse the Score Editor tag for one of the other many posts asking similar questions.

Grumpy Von Gornisht


Okay. It looks like it’s NOT in the Settings page but rather in the panel that you open up in
Right Zone only.

Staff mode = Piano Split.

Together with the settings to show the Pedal in more traditional bracket form… this is actually NOT a toy. Feel much better about this now that I found those.

pedal with brackets:

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 8.33.54 PM


No, it is not. It may have some quirks but you won’t find a more mature score editor in any other DAW.


It’s got one heck of a learning curve. But it does look quite a lot more powerful than I first thought.

The nature of the beast is that notation and actual performances are hard to map to each other.

You should probably take a look at

  • As an alternative to using a fixed split on the staff it can also be controlled by MIDI Channel number
  • Display quantization
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