why does the tempo change in the pool?

When I record audio in my project at 130bpm it shows in the pool as a different tempo. This is a problem because when I want to edit the take, I first have to go manually and change the bpm in the pool to the actual bpm of the project before I can do this. Does anyone here know anything about this? Am I doing something wrong?


Yeah, that happens and I’ve never heard an explanation why. The best thing is to just get into the habit of always hand setting the tempo in the pool after recording.

Thanks. I have gotten into the habit of doing that but it seems very tedious. I can’t believe Steinberg would make us do that. Is there no fix for this? Anyone?

I just came with same situation. I hoped to get explaintion mcdvoice

me too… we will see it if it comes but I am becoming increasingly doubtful