Why does Trip and Flux content apears in Elements 13 trial version?

I installed the Cubase Elements 13 trial version. In Halion, I can see content that is part of the Trip and Flux libraries. However, the " Compare The Versions Of Cubase" page states that Trip and Flux are not part of Cubase Elements. Is everything in the trial version part of Cubase Elements? If not, how do I know what belongs to the Elements version and what belongs to the Artist and Pro versions?

I found some more details on this. The items listed in the library manager program include Flux, Halion Sonic Factory Content, Iconica Sketch, Sonic Selection, and Trip. Iā€™m confused though because the activation manager only lists Cubase Elements 13 (Trial).

The answer is very simple. Perhaps people expect it to be more complex.

In the Download Assistant, go to the section for the product you are trialing, or have bought.

Everything you see there is included in the license for that product. There are no caveats, exceptions or surprises. End of story.

If you downloaded other products, which it seems like you did, the answer is the same. Look in the corresponding section.

To see which licenses you have, open the Steinberg Licensing Manager, where you can manage your licenses

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I installed all of the optional items that are associated with Elements 13. In the library I see this: