Why doesn’t Dorico iPad OS see all of my AUv3 VIs?

In fact it doesn’t see some from the same series/same developer. For instance, it sees SWAM Flugelhorn but not the Piccolo Trumpets. Doesn’t see any of my Moog synths. Is there a way to get Dorico to re-scan? Delete and reinstall?

Thanks for the wonderful notation app for iPad OS!

Steve Steele

They are looking into why this happens. If you open garage band first, before opening dorico, it seems to activate all the eligible plugins, and then dorico can see them.

I’m looking for some better orchestral instrument AU’s, any recommendations?

We recently discovered the cause of the problem whereby AUv3 plug-ins don’t appear in Dorico for iPad until you have run another app that uses them, so this problem will be resolved in the next update. We’re planning another update in advance of the release of iOS 15, and the fix will be included in that update.

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Currently the best iPad OS orchestral instruments, IMO, are the AudioModeling SWAM instruments. They’re physically modeled, (dry and not in situ, so you’ll need a decent reverb for staging). They’re MPE capable, very expressive and they sound great. Even on my desktop rig, I now exclusively use their instruments, VSL and Spitfire. They take a little getting used to, (if you’re used to Spitfire type libs). You can disable MPE so you don’t have to deal with pitch bend, but they react to every little touch, unlike a sample library. But they do play back nicely too. I wrote something for solo cello in Dorico iPad and used the SWAM Cello for playback and it sounded quite authentic. They’ve got woodwinds, brass and strings.

Concerning reverb, the guy that makes Reverberate, used to make an iOS based convulsion reverb called Mobile Convolution, but he never converted it to AUv3 (and it no longer works with the current iPad OS). I’m not aware of a Altiverb level convolution reverb for iPad yet. I’m trying to talk a couple of developers into doing something but it seems like AUv3 is holding something up.

I’d really like to see VSL release an iPad version of their Synchron Player.

Hope that helps.

Hi Daniel. Great. Thanks. I tried launching GarageBand but that didn’t solve the issue. My instruments and effects show up in Cubasis ok. It’s just Dorico where I notice the issue. Thanks for the info. I look forward to the fix!


Hopefully you will find that after launching Cubasis and activating one of the instruments in there, it will then work in Dorico after you quit and restart it.

I just noticed that all of my AUv3 Instruments seem to show up, but several AUv3 effects don’t, even after creating a new project in Cubasis 3, closing, and creating a new project in Dorico. (and I just noticed that Mobile Convolution is now working, with the final update).

Specifically, the RF-1 Reverb and RP-1 Delay by Kai Aras aren’t showing up, (there may be others but I happened to be looking for those). I checked the App Store for updates and there weren’t any for those apps. They were last updated 10 months ago.

No worries. I’ll be fine until the Dorico update.

Thanks again Daniel!

Yes, a particular kind of AUv3 effect, namely MIDI-enabled effects, won’t show up in Dorico for iPad 1.1 either: this is an oversight that will also be fixed in the next update when it appears. I imagine that may well explain their absence on your device at present. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

Thanks great recommendation, unfortunately on iOS it appears they only have strings and brass, and solo instruments at that not sections. Pretty pricy too.

True, true and true. But, even though those things bothered me as well, once I played one of the instruments I was hooked. I’ll deal with building ensembles, even if I have to make them from single instruments. A hassle, but I started with dry libraries, it’s not a deal killer for me.

I believe they’ll have woodwinds at some point. I hope so because I love writing for winds.

The iOS prices aren’t that bad. $20 per instrument, and they’re every bit as good as the desktop versions soundwise, they’re just missing a few controls. Again, nothing that’s a deal killer.

If you want to try one, just to see, let me recommend either the Flugelhorn, the Cello, the Violin or the French Horn, (there isn’t a bad one in the group but I find myself using these the most).

Let me know if you come across something else. Whoever makes the first “good” in situ orch lib for iPad OS will own the market.

VSL, Spitfire and OT, (all who make their own sample engine) should be looking into this.