Why doesn't Cubase send MIDI vols to VE Pro upon proj open?

Does anyone else have this problem? I’ll have my VE Pro template loaded, and for some reason, when loading up a Cubase project, some MIDI volumes do not get sent to certain instruments within Kontakt. But others do! It’s completely random. I’m not even sure if this is a VE Pro issue or a Cubase issue. Right now I’m just trying to determine a good starting point to solve this issue. Otherwise I have to open a project and touch all the faders once to make sure volume levels are set properly. Ugh!

How are you setting the MIDI volumes in Cubase?

Is VEP Preserved, coupled, neither, both?


MIDI volumes in Cubase are just set via the mixer. No automation. I’ve tried using read automation at the very beginning to set initial volumes… that’s even worse! (see below)

VEP template is preserved and decoupled. Though VEP doesn’t know whether it’s decoupled or not till the sequencer loads up its project.

As for using automation, it results in this mess:

If the project is decoupled, then volumes will only change when Cubase sends new ones, and the way you work sends nothing on opening, AFAIK.


If that were true, none of my VE Pro instruments would adjust their MIDI pan/volume. But there are other patches within the same instance of Kontakt that do adjust their volumes as soon as the project opens. So in other words, I’m doing this:

  1. In VE Pro, in one instance of Kontakt, I set all the patches MIDI pan to far left and volume to mute (infinity).
  2. Load up Cubase project.
  3. All patches in VEP/Kontakt set to proper pan and volume levels that are set in Cubase, except ONE patch.

So if Cubase is only supposed to send MIDI volume/pan when there’s an actual automation signal… but the bug above exists (see link to movie file)… how in the world do I get the right volume/pan settings?

Are you saying your automtion is coming from the MIDI track?

As far as I know that is the only way unless you use the List Editor to send a volume command on the first beat.

Well, I’ve tried putting volume automation (just a small ramp) at the beginning to send a blip out to VE Pro. But Cubase has a major bug with regards to that, so that doesn’t work. But yes, actually even without any MIDI automation at all, Cubase DOES send out MIDI volumes to VE Pro…just not consistently. Which is strange.

What’s this List Editor thing you mention?

In the List Editor (Cubase only) you can put a volume command before any notes, please try and report back.

I don’t use VEP 5 much any longer but was always successful w/automation in VEP 5 in past. Which version are you using? I have 5.3 and mostly used cubase mixer for all automation but if I remember correctly one of the VST plugs in rack will be Vienna Ensemble Pro Event Event input. You should be able to assign this for automation to VEP5. Also how are you outputs sent in VEP can you post video showing setup?

Since I have gotten MIR I don’t use those tools anymore but please let me know if that helps. It might help also if you update your profile to show versions of software etc just to be sure we are talking apples here.

The Vienna help desk is wonderful and they have all cubase versions to test projects and make solutions on the fly. I would write to them (through the support email support@vsl.co.at ) they always get right back to me :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask. What do you have set in the VEP Preferences regarding incoming data?


VEP discards incoming project data (meaning, loading patches), and I run it decoupled. But this has nothing to do with how it handles incoming MIDI data. There’s definitely a MIDI chase bug in Cubase as I’ve posted about above (and someone else on the forum was able to replicate it). Unfortunately this little bug is big enough for me to leave Cubase behind, because I don’t have any faith that Steinberg will get to it in the near future.

Yes, but I wanted to test my rig with the way that you’re working. Unfortunately, using Nuendo, I can’t replicate your problems. Is it out of the question to use CC data in the key Editor, rather than automation?


Of course VEP will discard patch data coming from Cubase (Cubase only stores it for compatibility) but as to volume, are you sending from the MIDI part itself?

Volume CCs are being sent from the MIDI track. If you haven’t seen the video above, this pretty much sums everything up in one nice bundle: